Failure to Thrive/Adapt

Some days just be like that. It’s been approximately shy of 6 months since I moved to Garvin, Oklahoma and for better or worse I think I’ll go with the latter. While the area has it’s charm and its very own unique quirks; I’m dying here.

I feel out of sorts and out of touch with reality. Like a freshly blooming flower plucked too soon that is now wilting from lack of connected root system. I say that and yet I picture my root system more comparable to the system of a Sagebrush. Deep tap root and large shallow branching roots. Very connected to Nevada and the people I left behind. Which is ironic since I spent most of my time complaining about the place I vowed to never return. Yet here I am desperately trying to get back home.

I suppose you can take the girl out of Nevada but never the Nevada out of the girl. I think as a native Nevadan we pride ourselves on being “Battle Born” and “Battle Tested” to be able to conquer anything that might get in our path. We pride ourselves on being ready for anything and forged of some unbreakable triumphs that make us what we are and what we stand for. However outside of our natural habitat those of us like myself, don’t do so hot. I’m a Sagebrush replanted into an Oklahoma landscape and I am not a native plant, most definitley not a native daughter.

A SEAT stationed at Mountain Home Tanker Base, photo courtesy of Bryan Daniel

I missed my very first Fire Season of almost 7 years and that struck home hard for me. Not getting to relish in the presence of my friends and colleagues or stick to something familiar really hit hard. The absence of normality to me just never translated over to a new normal. Covid 19 really put a damper on a lot of things this year but I’ll be the first to admit that 2020 just hasn’t been a good year. 2020 hasn’t been a good year for many people. It has not played fair at all.

There has been good that’s come from all the differences and change. Tucson, the horse, is thriving. He loves being a glorified pasture ornament with his friend Baby. He hasn’t done a lick of work since he’s been here. The hope is to send him out for training at the beginning of the year and get him under saddle and worked. Kori the dog has adapted well to his new environment. He enjoys the grass and long, lesiurely romps through the tall grass and swimming in the ponds. The kitties have all adapted well.

Kori Dog- photo courtesy of Janeanne Knox Henigin

Failure to thrive refers to children whose current weight or rate of weight gain is much lower than that of other children of similar age and gender. However I’m using FTT as more of an example of Failure to Adapt. “Failure to adapt” is a term the military uses to say the person has trouble following orders, misses or is ususally late to formations, doesn’t show progress in his classes or in his overall duty, might look like a slob, might not get along with others very well, the list of possibilities goes on and on. I definitley fit more into the failure to Adapt Category. It’s not the fault of the place or the people. It’s just a different kind of different that I wasn’t fully prepared for and that I’m not capable of handling right at this moment. For a person who doesn’t do change well, this was a lot of change all at once. I’ll continue trying to do better but I am still trying to get Nevada bound.

My Favorite Meme, as my love for Crab Rangoons can not be compared.
My favorite animal the Duck Billed Platypus

Fun Fact: Baby Platypus are named Puggles. You’re welcome.

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