Oklahoma Snowpocalypse 2021

Well first off, the cake is a lie. I was lied too. I demand a refund or compensation for my emotional stress. Hear all the sarcasm folks. When I first agreed to move to the great state of Oklahoma I was ensured that there would be no ice breaking of water troughs, no shoveling of snow, no driving in horrid conditions to a job that doesn’t appreciate my willingness to live, and no frozen pipes. This all turned out to be promises made on a bed of lies.

Oklahoma weather predictions are pretty accurate….NOT.

My first ever experience of rolling blackouts occurred. Driving to work in 0 degree temperatures (yay retail work!) My first hearing about snow-tornadoes thanks to the Carolinas. Frozen pipes abound! It’s been needless to say an adventure. I’ve been supplying our water from the shop because the camper water froze solid. Heating up water to do dishes is a fun new activity. The horses are still snuggled in their blankets. The dogs enjoy their outside time for a few minutes at a time.

Oh Walmart, simply the best.
The willingness to defy the odds of death always amazes me about customers and terrible weather conditions.
Yeah, it sucked.
Top notch weather predictions kept us on our toes for sure.

While monitoring the wintery conditions I’d say that Oklahoma faired much better in comparison to the state of Texas. I learned many things including that it wasn’t the fault of wind turbines for the power grid failure, but a terrible grid system to begin with that failed the state. Inclimate weather for the region caught many people off guard and while it’s easy to make jokes from my position of coming from the snow ready north; these folks just simply aren’t used to these conditions. Nothing prepared them for the biting sub zero temperatures or accumulation of snow that occurred. I feel for our friends to the south. The infrastructure wasn’t designed to handle snow load or these temperatures.

True story
For real though.

Absolute truth. Good luck getting milk or bread here.
I never thought I’d wish for Tornado season.

All in all now that the storms are over and my pipes are slowly defrosting, I can say that I officially survived my first real Oklahoma winter storm system and I for one am prepared for it to be over. Let’s return to the wonderful 60 degree temperatures and sunshine. Now as we enter Spring/Tornado season, things should get ever more so interesting. I’m excited for the return of the grass and my much anticipated Fire Season in Nevada. While my new home may be full of challenges, it’s also part of the adventure that is life. Let’s all be so fortunate to have adventures in our lives.

Published by Janeanne Ward

Hi there, I'm Janeanne Ward. Welcome to the chaos that is my life. Some of this is happy, some of it not so much, but hey it's my bowl of Chex Mix Memories. All in all at the end of the day these are my ramblings and I'm Just Janeanne.

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