Janeanne Ward

I know a little bit about a lot of things but that doesn’t make me an expert, just really curious.

Hey, I’m Janeanne. I am a proud former resident of Winnemucca, Nevada currently residing in Southeastern Oklahoma with my goofy ass husband Dakota, adorable baby boy Jason, and our herd/pack of merry misfit four legged furry creatures, also known as the furry freeloaders.

Add What You Do
  • Write to strangers on the internet, because it seems like a great idea.
  • Spend excessive amounts of time and money on my pets, because I like them more then most people.
  • Spend copious amounts of time, money, and resources to ensure the utmost care for my horses, because they make me happy.
  • Read a lot. Like as much as humanly possible…which lately is variable.
  • Ride horses, cause hitting people with your car is frowned upon.
  • Frequently sing in off key tones to my pets and family.
  • Eat Cold Pizza
  • Sprinkle sarcasm & profanity like glitter throughout my not so expertly crafted blogs.
  • Talk excessively about my husband and son because they are fucking amazing.
  • Consult Mushu the Oracle Cat about life changing decisions.
  • Travel, because education is the only combatant against ignorance.
  • Drink Coffee like it’s a life sustaining force.

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