I’m living a nature documentary

It’s like studying one of those distant tribes that’s never had communication or contact with the outside world. I’m studying up close and personal. Immersing myself in the southern culutre. My encounters with the natives have been something.So far, most that I’ve met are kind and hardworking people with of course the exception of give or take a few. My experiences thus far have been minimal but educational even amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. So far I’ve learned how to operate a zero turn mower, how to turn a horse out onto pasture land from dry lot safely, and that I’m easily homesick. I’m living a nature documentary. I’m studying the culture around me without trying to impose my own ethnocentrism. In a world of different cultures and upbringings, these are the people that inhabit this space, these are my stories.

If Only I could make this stuff up.

Exploring the native environment is not an easy chore in the midst of a global pandemic. Isolation and quarantine has kept me from exploring the greater venues of Southeastern Oklahoma. All is not lost though. I started my new job and there in I get to meet an interesting cast of “characters.” The belief of a global pandemic is not a thing here. Everyone goes about business as usual until the phases for reopening begin and we can once again eat out at restaurants and socialize. In the larger areas surrounding my town there can be those seen with masks and gloves, but they are in rare form here. It’s almost alarming how “business as usual” it all is. Concern for one’s fellow man is….different.

Aside from the global pandemic the culture of my area screams tiny southern town America. Everyone here knows everyone, not unlike my own town in northern Nevada, but on a much smaller more intimate scale. If I looked hard enough I’m sure I can find an ex of Oklahoma’s a stone throw away kind of close. For the most part the locals are friendly and somewhat welcoming. Meth seems to have claimed the majority of these places long ago. Much like my home but on a much larger scale population percentage wise. Sad story for sure.

Yeah…kinda like that…

Let’s talk about tornadoes. Well, apparently they are a thing here. Heard my first tornado sirens, dealt with my first tornado watch, and warning. Listened to the radio a lot, followed weather tracking apps. Probably should have sought shelter but lived to tell about it. Wasn’t too exciting. This is how I feel about them and my higher car insurance rates to care for tornado and hail damage. These are my adventures so far.

This sums it up.

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Hi there, I'm Janeanne Ward. Welcome to the chaos that is my life. Some of this is happy, some of it not so much, but hey it's my bowl of Chex Mix Memories. All in all at the end of the day these are my ramblings and I'm Just Janeanne.

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