The Joys of Moving

Funniest joke ever. To say that this move was prepared and fully planned would be a terrible terrible lie. In fact this move was planned in about a month’s time because I was stuck in an infinite time warp, waffling back and forth between staying and going. Literally up to the week before moving, I was having horrific doubts. Half my belongings were packed whilst I was in the middle of a nuclear mental breakdown. That mental breakdown, was epic. Much to the dismay of others around me. He who shall from this moment forward be named “Oklahoma” was having doubts caused by my doubts that just encouraged more doubts and it was an epic descent into madness.

Luckily on this particular morning I woke to find myself “okay” with just about all of it. I’m not sure what spurred on the “okay-edness” of it all but something clicked and it made life feel calmer. Even though the world around is losing their minds with the COVID-19 happenings; I am at peace to a relative degree. I’m not thrilled of course with making a multi-state trip ,cross country with a car and trailer load of animals, but that’s another rant, I mean post, for another time. However the decision is made and here we go.

Packing sucks balls. There I said it. It’s just not that enjoyable an experience in my life, nor anyone else’s. You never quite realize how much or how little crap you have until you’re shoving it in a box wishing it to just burn in a fire and collect some insurance. Don’t do that, I don’t recommend that. Pretend I didn’t just write that. In retrospect I really didn’t have that much stuff. Everything I owned for the most part was crammed into the neck of a stock trailer and fit just right. However I’m saving actual moving day adventures for another post.

Sir Thomas Waffleton demands to know where the food shall be packed.

Packing was a bittersweet activity. The beginning of something new, and the ending of something pre-existing. Posting the “We are moving” stickers to my business is what hurt the most. I worked hard to set up my little pet sitting business and I was doing quite well. Now I need to figure out how to do it in Oklahoma and hopefully make a good go of it. So shout out to anyone on the internet listening, I’m a pet/farm sitter and I’m damn good at my job, HIRE ME!!!! The sticker posting was probably the point at which it really hit home for me that I was in fact leaving my home. The place that I was comfortable, happy, had a routine, and knew where everything was located. Onwards to the unknown. Onward toward something new. Who know’s what’s out there? Who knows what new people I will meet, or adventures I will have. Just gotta try something to get somewhere, somehow. So, here we go.

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Hi there, I'm Janeanne Ward. Welcome to the chaos that is my life. Some of this is happy, some of it not so much, but hey it's my bowl of Chex Mix Memories. All in all at the end of the day these are my ramblings and I'm Just Janeanne.

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