Welcome to my Life

I started this blog with the intent to have a creative outlet and essentially a place to dump my brain and emotions. We’ll see what it evolves into over the course of however long. I welcome all who find my page to indulge in my Chex Mix Memories and everyday shenanigans. Here you’ll find my pets, my friends, my adventures, and all the random crap in between. It feels weird and random to write my thoughts out into the universe where strangers may find my words, but to those who need it, I hope they help. To those who just need a good laugh, rock on. To those who need a good cry, don’t cry into your cereal. To everyone, Welcome. Let’s have some fun ,and may we live as joyously, and passionately as my silly red dogs.

Published by Janeanne Ward

Hi there, I'm Janeanne Ward. Welcome to the chaos that is my life. Some of this is happy, some of it not so much, but hey it's my bowl of Chex Mix Memories. All in all at the end of the day these are my ramblings and I'm Just Janeanne.

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